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Personal health and health of family members is always a matter of concern. However, in today’s life, people are so busy that this very important area gets neglected. A stitch in time saves nine! We, as a part of our Mission Health, are trying to make people aware that prevention is better than cure. Now-a-days, greed has reached such high proportions that people have no compunctions while adulterating vegetables, fruits, foods, medicines, etc. We come to know about such details through newspapers, TV, and other media. Ideally speaking, heads of family have a responsibility to take preventive as well as curative measures for the health of entire family.

Having satisfied ourselves about the efficacy of the products manufactured by Forever Living Products, Inc., USA, which are 100% result-oriented, we have decided to offer them to people at our cost, which saves them about 20% on Market Price. These products are available through Distributors globally. You may go through headings like Purchase System, Client Enquiry, to avail this opportunity. Healthy persons should aim at healthier life and persons suffering from health problems should seek effective and adulteration-free products. Once you start using our products, you will find the results beyond all expectations, and magical, and you will start sharing them with your friends and family members.

As a combination, human system is detoxified, nutrients work, and therapeutic results are achieved. Persons about the age of 35 years are advised to use products to prevent heart attack.

You can contact us if you are or any person known to you is suffering from any chronic health problems like Diabetes, BP, Paralysis, Cancer, Asthama, Arthritis-Knee Pain/Swelling, Gangarin, Migraine, Epilepsy, Obesity, Parkinsons, Thyroid, Acidity, Hair Fall, etc. Excellent results have been obtained in such cases and also in respect of those suffering from problems related to Eyes, Kidney/Stone, Lever, Prostate, Memory, Impotency, Menses, Skin, Acne/Pimples, etc. Just find out from us in respect of any health problem related to men, women, children, and pets. Below, we are giving some comments about Arthritis and Obesity for benefit of our clients.


Arthritis is a condition characterized by pain and inflammation of joints in the body; found more in women than men. Drink named Forever Freedom gives freedom from painful joints and painful back; coupled with application of MSM Gel and Heat Lotion. In fact, many persons did not have to go for replacement of knee joints after having consumed Forever Freedom in combination with Pomesteen Power, and Garlic Thyme. It will be informative to watch the following llink :


Obesity is not so much a disease in itself but is the cause of many serious health problems like diabetes, cancer, arthritis, blood pressure, heart disease, etc. Proper diet and exercise are important for good health. Intake of fatty and oily foods has to be consciously minimized. Fresh vegetables and fruits are good for health.

It is seen that weight returns by and large in case of obese people after having achieved weight loss by following a particular system. This happens even in case of persons who temporarily stop going to Gym. The reason is that the remedy they followed did not detoxify and clean their internal system which was very much required for retaining weight loss.

We have time-tested packages of Clean 9, Lifestyle 30, Forever Nutri-Lean and case studies show that they have given excellent results without return of weight. In the normal course, many persons have reduced approximately 10 Kgs. or more weight in 39 days. Loose products are also available.

Just have a look at two cases on this sheet below-of a lady having achieved weight loss from 114 Kgs. to 58 Kgs. in 11 months and of a gentleman reaching 95 Kgs. from 134 Kgs.

Sajid (Before) Sajid (After)

When obese people use our products, the weight does not return because products detoxify and clean the internal system, burn extra fat, prevent formation of fat, and absorption of nutrients improves. In all cases, health improves and there is shine on the face. People around start observing and asking about the positive changes.

Whatever may the health or beauty products you may be using, if you start discussing about the benefits derived from the products with other persons noticing betterment in you, they also start using the products for their better health. At that stage, you may seek our guidance to create your team with such people and start your business-if not for money, at least for social work- to be able to give better health and beauty to one and all.