Business Opportunity

Health and beauty care business:

This website is basically prepared for the users of health and beauty care products. We can say without an iota of doubt, on the basis of FLP Company case studies and our own experience and observations, that the users, whether they are healthy or suffering from any serious health problems, can look forward to a very healthy and normal life.

In such cases as losing weight, recovering from knee arthritis, getting rid of acne/pimples, glow on face, friends and relatives are going to notice the improvement of their own and enquire. The users have only to start sharing the benefits derived from the products, which are 100% result-oriented. Since health and beauty problems are very common, every person is in search of the right type of products. The persons who become aware about the efficacy of the products will come forward to purchase them in keeping with their health and beauty requirements. The cyclic effect of using the products and discussing about the benefits derived will help in building the team by the persons interested in business and the business will grow geometrically, beyond all expectations.

Before starting any business, one has to get convinced about the Company, the Products, and the Earning Potential. On all these three criteria, this business is second to none. The FLP Company started its operations in 1978 in USA, arrived in India in 2000, exists in more than 145 countries, has more than 95 lacs Distributors, and has generated more than Rs. 12,500 Crores business globally last year; in India there has been an unprecedented 62% growth during the same period. The Products are manufactured by the Company in USA in pollution-free atmosphere, constantly improved because of the Company’s belief in research, subjected to quality control from farm to factory, imported in each country, to reach the clients through Company Distributors, are 100 % result-oriented. The Earning Potential is unparalleled. Any person above 18 years of age can become a Distributor as and when sponsored by an existing Distributor. The business starts with the minimum billing of Rs. 750/-. It is advisable to purchase products worth about Rs. 20,000/- within 2 calendar months so as to take advantage of Distributor Price which is almost 20 % lower than New Distributor Price. The business is in the name of husband and wife, and is willable to any son/daughter above 18 years at the same level of earning. There are Distributors in India whose total income crossed more than a Crore within 7 years. The growth will primarily depend upon the ability to build team out of consistently growing number of users.

In this business, there are Distributors with all types of backgrounds including students, housewives, farmers, unemployed, company employees, professionals, social workers, retired government officials; in fact, any persons who had the inclination to start business. Most of them started as users. Once they became familiar with the products, and took the business seriously, they started earning beyond their expectations.

A Distributor earns in many ways- retail profit, personal bonus from 5 to 18% , volume bonus from 3 to 13% on total team volume, leadership bonus for managers/seniors from downline managers initially ranging 6, 3, and 2% , later higher percentage as gem bonus, earned incentive ranging between Rs. 19,424 & Rs. 38,848 per month for 36 months depending upon performance, domestic travel all expenses paid for couple, international travel for couple, profit sharing to the extent of 3% of total FLP Company sales turnover in the country/region among eligible Distributors.

Any person who finds the business attractive can Contact Us at Anand Health & Beauty Care and seek clarifications. Those who are satisfied and decide to become Distributors may fill up the desired information under the heading Join Us. They will be contacted and sponsored as Distributor by Mr. S.K. Anand.